Material Synthesis

  • Horizontal tubular furnaces (Nabertherm) up to 1500 °C
    • Gases: O2, H2, CO, N2
  •  Wet chemistry synthesis, 3x Schlenkline, balances, centrifuge, ultrosonic horn…
  • Laser synthesis 

Synthesis of nanoparticles at elevated temperatures up to 1500 °C

Exemplary Schlenk line for the synthesis of nanoparticles with colloidal, wet-chemical methods in inert atmosphere

Material Characterisation

  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer that is coupled to an electrochemical flow cell

  • ATR-FT-IR 

  • XRD for standard and elevated temperature up to 1000 °C analysis

  • GC-MS coupled to our CO2RR cell for monitoring and analyzing gaseous products

Method development

  • Several rotating (ring) disk electrode setups

  • Automated RRDE testing

  • Electrochemical cell development e.g. via COMSOL

Automated RRDE testing station where gas, convection and the bi-potentiostat can be controlled


Professorship Sustainable Energy Materials

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Prof. Dr. Marc Ledendecker

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Team Assistant

Sabine Buchner

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